A veteran TV Comedy Writer / Producer for NBC, ABC Family Channel, FOX, Disney Channel and news commentator, all while single-parenting, divorcing twice, battling depression, and repeating the same patterns that yielded the same results,  I came to this reasonable conclusion – Life stinks!

After age 50 my long-held fantasies about someone swooping in to rescue and validate me turned into the reality that it would be up to me to make my future not only less stinky… but (dare, I say), FANTASTIC.   

The fact is, we're living longer, healthier, wealthier, and sexier than any other generation before us. There was time to turn my ship around!  But how?  And more importantly how could I help others in the same boat?

I decided to  combine  years of life experience (things I know) with my talent for sourcing experts who can fill in the blanks (things I don’t know), and share it  with you as I learn how to OWN IT!  LIVE IT!  LOVE  IT! and  live my best life ever... FINALLY! 

Mega Blessings,

Own it!   Live it!   Love it!

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